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Floor lamp, by chimney, bracket, base 3 parts compose, it is a kind of rare art lamps and lanterns that contact with the ground directly, and floor lamp this name, also be from this.Common application scenarios, such as home living room, bedroom, hotel rooms, etc.

As for floor lamps, we may also face some problems in selection and installation. Let's talk about this topic with Chinese floor lamp manufacturers.

  • Close the corner that installs floor lamp
  • Floor lamp installation height
  • Suggestions for installing floor lamps

Where to install floor lamps?

Floor lamp itself can be moved, nothing more than by the power line "pull" just.So strictly speaking, floor lamps do not need to be installed, what is needed is proper selection and "placement".

Usually, we can put floor lamp in sitting room and bedroom below more circumstance, acting as the effect that is similar with wall lamp, desk lamp, namely assist illume, and no matter turn on lamp or not, floor lamp is having very good adornment effect.

When put in the sitting room, the effect depends on reading, do manual, play chess wait for local activity to provide assistant illume.Accordingly, if will floor lamp is placed in the sitting room, it is to put next to sofa more, perhaps the side that tea table leaves infrequently.Also some circumstance, to reduce the brightness difference of TV screen and surroundings, will floor lamp is placed TV side also is good choice.

When floor lamp is put in the bedroom, main effect resembles with desk lamp more.Put on the bed, the role is to read, play with the mobile phone.Put on dresser, desk, the effect is assistant namely "homework".

How much is the installation height of floor lamp appropriate?

Here we have to emphasize again, the choice of any lamps and lanterns and installation, should consider the volume of lamps and lanterns themselves (height, width)

And the height of the building, floor lamp is no exception, just the floor lamp to the sensitivity of the floor is lower just.According to height, we usually divide floor lamp into large floor lamp, medium floor lamp and small floor lamp 3 kinds.

Large floor lamp, height is between 1.5-1.8m, chimney diameter is 40-50cm, light source wattage is in 60-100W or so (the floor lamp light source mentioned in this paper is incandescent lamp for example), put in the sitting room more.

Medium-sized floor lamp, height between 1.4-1.5m, lampshade diameter 30-45m, light source power around 40-60W, can be placed in the living room, also can be placed in the bedroom, auxiliary lighting and decoration mainly.

Small floor lamp, height between 1.1-1.4m, lamp shade diameter between 25-45cm, usually used in the light source power in 15-60W, multi-purpose in the bedroom.

Suggestion about floor lamp?

1. In most of our home space at present, floor lamps with a height above 1.8m are not recommended because the height is generally around 2.8m;

2. It is not recommended to use floor lamps as main lamps, but to use auxiliary lighting and decoration.

3, because height is limited, and lampshade direction is downward more, the placement position of floor lamp accordingly should avoid tall furniture, obstacle;

4, at the same time as a result of the height of floor lamp is lower, the distance from the human eye is relatively close, when choosing accordingly, be about to avoid the chimney of tall pervious to light, quality weighs material, for example glass.Should choose cloth art, half pervious to light acrylic and so on pervious to light slightly weak and light quality lampshade.On one hand, it avoids the stimulation of bright light to human eyes, and on the other hand, it is safer.

5, any lamps and lanterns, do not frequent switch, not to second on and second off.

The above is about floor lamp installation corner, height and other Suggestions;We are the supplier of floor lamps in China. Our products are: bronze shelf floor lamp, 3-tier shelf floor lamp.Welcome to consult ~


Post time: Jun-04-2020
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