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There is no doubt that table lamp is very useful in our daily life. No matter reading,doing homework,working or watching movies,it plays an important role in our life.

How can we buy a good table lamp meet our need? Table lamp manufacturer from China - Goodly Light is glad to share some tips with you.

Before buying a table lamp,we need to learn what function a table lamp should have,so that we can buy a lamp suitable for us.

Living Table Lamp

Best Desk Lamp


Most of time we look horizontally,if in a normal sitting position,the inside of lampshade and light source should not be visible.

(2)The requirements of illuminance to table

The illuminance range of table lamp should be 250lx to 500lx,the minimum must more than 120lx.

(3)The requirements of illuminance uniformity 

The illuminance should be uniform in the working range of table lamp. Not too bright or too dark.


Only when a table lamp meet these three requirements,it is a good tale lamp.

Bedside Lamp

Desk Lamp

Table lamps mainly include reading table lamps, decorative table lamps, and floor table lamps. 

Reading table lamp mainly used in working and writing. It makes our studying and working more convenient.

As a home decoration, decorative table lamp plays a major role in highlighting the decorative taste of home or bedroom. 

Floor table lamp not only features a beautiful look,but also plays an important role in reading,it is a good choice for many families.

So,what’s the difference among them?

⒈Reading Table Lamp

Compared with other table lamps,we require more to reading table lamp. Since appeared in 1930s,the materials and structure of table lamp had updated all the time. The common materials include metal,wood,plastic,and even paper are used in table lamp. Hinge, metal snake tube are usually applied in the table lamp.


⒉Decorative Table Lamp

Everyone has their own favorite style. But when you are searching for a table lamp,you should take your home decoration in consideration. A good table lamp is not only supposed to bright space,but also match well with your home decoration.


⒊Floor Table Lamp

If there is a reading corner in your home,it will be great to place a chair,a floor table lamp and a tea table. Embellished with some plants,it’s a perfect private space.


LED Desk Lamp

Office Desk Lamp

More than bright our life,table lamp also create a warm atmosphere to us.It accompanies us and makes us feel warm in cold night.

This is a simple introduction of reading table lamp,decorative table lamp and floor table lamp,hope you like it. Goodly Light is a professional table lamp factory.We manufacture table lamps and offer OEM/ODM services at the same time.Sample request are welcomed.




Post time: Nov-23-2020
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