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Every night kids study at the desk,they need a table lamp to offer enough light. But where the table lamp placed and what kind of light resource is,will affect children's vision. How to improve lighting conditions and prevent eye fatigue? And how to protect kids’ eyes if reading for a long time? Let’s learn more with Chinese table lamp manufacturer - Goodly Light.

Don’t just turn on one table lamp

In a dark room,turning on one table lamp can not offer enough light for reading.If studying in a dark environment,kids’ eyes are easily hurt. 

When the brightness between the surrounding and kids’ desk is too different,it easily causes eye tiredness. Especially in a dark environment,keep reading for about one hour might cause eye fatigue if you just turn on one table lamp. 

It will be better to turn on a room lighting beside the desk lamp, which can reduce the difference between light and darkness in the room. 

kids table lamp

kids desk lamps for bedroom

But too bright lights can also make the eyes feel uncomfortable. So,try to choose a light that is mild, stable, and color temperature is close to natural, which can help reduce eye fatigue.

The lamp should be placed on the opposite side of the hand holding the pen

When you are writing,the shadow will block the paper if the light is on the same side of the hand holding the pen. We suggest that the lamp should be placed on the opposite side of the hand holding the pen.If you are used to using right hand to write,just place the table lamp on the left side. On the contrary,the lamp should be placed on the right side. 

In addition to this,as table lamp is a typical point light resource,if the table lamp is placed too low,it will make the light shine in a small area and the surrounding will be dark.

kids table lamps boys

kids table lamps for girls

Reduce glaring ornaments on the desk

In home,the glare caused by the materials of decoration or desk,such as metal and glass board,will cause eye fatigue.Sometimes even makes it difficult to see the details of the book. Now,there are many kids are shortsighted.They are affected by glare for a long time.  


table lamps for boys bedroom

In the light range,don’t place too many ornaments with mirror or shiny surface,which easily reflect light.We should create a environment with soft light for kids. 

Although there are many kinds of table lamps on the market, in fact, as long as you choose a table lamp produced by a regular lamp manufacturer and meet the product quality requirements, you can meet the basic lighting needs of learning. Goodly Light is a professional table lamp manufacture company,don't hesitate,contact with us right now.


Post time: Dec-03-2020
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